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How to sign up as a Wholesale buyer

Sign up as a 
Wholesale Buyer

Many of your customers rather become wholesale customers instead of buying at retail price - saving money $$ all the way!

While many of them purchase products for personal consumption only, others end up selling for family and friends and helping many people without this being their initial idea. 

If you need help, check the video above for a step-by-step on how to sign up as a wholesale buyer.


Start your own
digital franchise

When it comes to having a side business that you can make an income while making an impact, we can't think of a better model than Network Marketing or Referral Marketing. 

We don't need to produce, stock or ship anything, that is all done for us! 


We just share with family, friends and followers our experience with Reishi and let the power of our story do the rest. 

Sharing with honesty and care will lead you to amazing people and great impact!

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