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Inspired by our global mission and would like to connect?

When it comes to having a side business where you can make an income while making an impact, we can't think of a better model than Network Marketing or Referral Marketing. 

We don't need to build a factory, produce, stock or ship anything, that is all done for us! 


We share with family, friends and followers our experience with Reishi and let the power of our story do the rest. 

Sharing with honesty and care will lead you to amazing people and great impact!


Learn more about the health benefits of Reishi?

When it comes to explaining to people the benefits of Reishi, we don't try to reinvent the wheel, we leverage the incredible knowledge of Dr Bob Rakowski and let him talk on our behalf.


Everybody is different and has different needs. What we share is simple. Firstly our own personal experience and the experiences of others since adding Reishi to our daily habit! 



Why I love this business! I did an event Thursday and made some great connections along with coming home with a big wad of cash in my pocket. Sadly the other thing I brought home was possible strep. I’ve been in bed for 2 days but thankfully I have been able to work from my phone! Thank you, Reishi for getting me better in record time too! I’m feeling much better than yesterday! Spores are amazing!




On a mission to impact the
lives and health of 100k people 


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