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About the movement

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No hype. Just consistent and positive action steps adding value to the world.

How did Reishi Warriors start?

Since the first lockdown during the beginning of the pandemic, myself and Isa saw the need to pivot our business model and to create a new movement, Reishi Warriors, and our mission is to impact the lives of 100,000 people by the end of 2023. This will be achieved by sharing the health benefits of Organic Reishi and the business benefits of our digital franchise.

As a coach, I've always appreciated the power and the value of passionate teamwork. There is a special sense of community and contribution when people come together with a common goal and purpose.


Seeing the power of what Reishi did for my family's health, the experience organically led me to want to share it with others over the past few years.

But as I've learned, there is more to it than just sharing your experience.


So it was very important for us to create a supportive environment for our online partners to build on their personal skills in order to grow themselves and this digital franchise.


Heloisa having a background in web and graphic design has brought a creative edge to our team and has created some really great training and business growth material for our partners to duplicate and leverage on social media.

Helping online entrepreneurs to build a royalty-type income, sharing products people want with unmatched health benefits.


Our vision for our new partners is simple. To authentically share this health movement alongside what you currently do, upgrading your health and lifestyle.
No hype. Just consistent, professional and positive action steps adding value to the world.

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Just so you know our faces before our chat

I'm Eric

Actor, Holistic Health and Movement Coach

and this is my wife and business partner Heloísa

Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Video Editor
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