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Welcome to Reishi Warriors

Known as the King of Herbs in Chinese Medicine, Lingzhi aka Reishi aka Ganoderma Lucidum has been revered for thousands of years and was originally kept only for royalty.

It's been ranked as one of nature's top Superfoods and is one of the most alkaline-rich foods in the world.

This powerful medicinal mushroom has over 3500 published medical studies on for its health benefits

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Ever heard about Reishi?

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Creating an Income and an Impact

Click and Order businesses and Social Media are here to stay. The most effective form of advertising has always been referral and now we see influencers promoting products and services daily on their stories. 

To learn how you can leverage the power of Reishi, our referral system and additional business verticals to create a royalty income business, click the link below.

Why Organic Reishi?

Not all Reishi is created equal. Some suppliers grow it in plastic bags. Our suppliers grow it on 30-year-old tree logs, the way nature intended with maximum purity and bioavailability.


What can it do for your health? Click the button below to learn from global health expert and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Bob Rakowski.

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