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 Overcome Chronic Pain, Stress, Break Free from Training Plateaus, and Shed Extra Fat: The Warrior 30 Challenge Awaits You.


Transform Your Health and Fitness in 30 Days 

The Ultimate Mind-Body Reboot combining Functional Movement, Functional Medicine and Mindset.

What if You Could Transform Your Pain and Stress into Strengths and Vitality in Just 30 Days?

Discover the Secret Weapon of our Warrior 30 Challenge: Medicinal Mushrooms and Functional Foods to Renew your Vitality and Elevate Your Fitness Journey.
Do you find yourself battling chronic pain, feeling stuck in your fitness plateaus or struggling to incorporate effective exercise into a hectic lifestyle?

We understand the deep frustration of wanting to transform your health but feeling trapped by physical pains, overwhelmed by time pressures, and lost without proper guidance. These challenges are hurdles faced by many on their journey to improved health and fitness.


The Warrior 30 Challenge recognizes these common barriers and offers a pathway to overcome them, transforming challenges into stepping stones towards your health and

fitness goals.

As you embark on your 2024 health journey, the Warrior 30 Challenge stands as a beacon of holistic transformation, going beyond traditional workout programs. Our unique approach integrates:



Functional Movement: Tailor-made routines to enhance mobility, alleviate pain, and strengthen your body, meeting you at your current fitness level.


Mindset Training: Cultivate resilience and a success-driven mindset with our expert strategies.​


Functional Medicine: Harness the restorative power of medicinal mushrooms and functional foods, designed to rebalance your body and enhance overall health


Nutritional Support Protocols:
Our Reishi-infused product line, Stress Reset protocols offers something truly unique.

How the Warrior 30 Challenge Works

Step 1: Select Your Training Level & Gain Access

Select Your Starting Point: Start by choosing the training level that aligns with your current fitness goals:

Gearing Up For The Challenge: To maximise your results on this challenge, you will need some basic training equipment. A suitable kettlebell, Swiss ball, mini bands and an exercise mat.


Access & Community: Before the Warrior 30 Challenge begins, you’ll gain access to our app to take your program anywhere. This platform will not only provide you with your training calendar and videos but also allows you to connect with Coach Eric for daily accountability.

  • Mobility, Posture + Pain Reliever : Ideal for reducing pain, building movement ability, balance, and exploring basic cardio. Commitment Level: 5 days per week for 35 mins.

  • Fat Loss, Mobility + Conditioning - Intermediate: Focused on improving total body composition, strength, mobility and cardiovascular health. Commitment Level: 6 days per week for 35 mins.

  • Fat Loss, Mobility + Conditioning - Advanced: For those struggling with training plateaus who are ready for high-level movement, strength, conditioning, and intense HIIT sessions. Commitment Level: 6 days per week for 35 mins.

  • Unlock full access to our comprehensive training platform with the program that best suits your goals.

  • Receive a range of video resources covering nutrition, mindset, and movement modules all designed to kickstart your transformation.

Step 2: Choose Your Nutritional Support Protocol (purchased separately)

Optimize Your Health: Once you're set with your training level, choose a nutritional support protocol to complement your fitness journey:​

  • Levels 1 + 2 protocols: Focus on enhancing immune function, controlling inflammation + optimising energy production.

  • Level 3 Stress Reset protocol: Focuses on rebalancing your brain chemistry and nervous system. Enhances all the systems of our body and includes all the benefits of levels 1+2.

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How Warrior 30 will impact your life

Benefits from Functional Movement:​

​Improved Mobility and Strength: Experience a significant improvement in mobility and strength, making daily activities easier and more enjoyable.
Pain Reduction: Notice a reduction in chronic pain, leading to a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

Benefits from Functional Medicine and Reishi Products:​

Enhanced Overall Health: Boost your immune system and overall health with our Reishi infused products which are an integral part of our challenge
Detoxification and Recovery: Benefit from the detoxifying effects of Reishi, aiding in faster recovery and more efficient bodily function.

Mindsets Training Benefits
​Long-Term Success Strategies: Develop a resilient and positive mindset, equipping you with strategies for long-term health and fitness success.
Stress Management: Learn effective ways to manage and reduce stress, improving both mental and physical well-being.
Community and Support Benefits:​
​Supportive Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals who support and motivate each other towards common goals.
Expert Guidance: Gain access to expert advice and guidance throughout your journey.



IFT Advanced Group Instructor

EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer

Level 1 Animal Flow Instructor

Eric has always had a passion for movement exploration, athleticism and physical performance through his work as an actor, stunt performer and as a coach. He has over 15 years experience as a coach and is currently working on his Level 2 certification in Animal Flow. He feels compelled to educate and empower people to explore multiple disciplines of functional movement systems in order to become more equipped to deal with life’s challenges.


His aim is to help his clients to move better and feel better through a Yin and Yang approach. With a focus on comprehensive mobility work to reduce pain and injuries and a combination of mid - high intensity total body training to improve their body composition.


Eric and his wife Heloisa (Isa) will be guiding and supporting you through all of the physical training modules offering a variety of difficulty options for participants.




With over 33 years in clinical practice, Dr Bob has taught over 10,000 hours of seminars to natural and medical practitioners around the world. He is known for his in depth understanding of physiology and biochemistry as well as for creating programs that are both safe and effective. 


He combines his expertise in clinical nutrition, chiropractic, kinesiology, bio terrain analysis, acupuncture and nursing to offer a wide variety of root cause approaches to maintain optimal health and performance for his patients. 


Dr Bob’s wide expanse of knowledge and excellence has allowed him to work with world champion athletes from every major sport to the other end of the spectrum with those struggling with life threatening illnesses. 


Dr Bob will be sharing cutting edge insights into our nutritional support protocols and other strategies that have proven to be absolutely life changing on many levels from stress reduction, pain reduction, digestive restoration and energy optimisation.

Your Ultimate Health & Fitness Journey Starts Here

Join the Warrior 30 Challenge and begin a life-changing journey. Experience a unique blend of Functional Movement routines, Functional Medicine insights, and Mindset strategies, all meticulously crafted to revolutionize your health and fitness in 2024.

Personalised Training Experience with Coach Eric: Receive a tailored 4-week training calendar with follow-along videos and exercises. Track your progress, and enjoy direct access to Coach Eric Higgins for any questions and accountability. Engage with a supportive community through our interactive chat, featuring ongoing challenges and giveaways.

Access to Exclusive Materials from Dr. Bob Rakowski: Access exclusive video content from Dr. Bob Rakowski, providing valuable insights on nutrition, fat loss, stress management, and detoxification. These videos are designed to enhance your results and offer a unique edge to your fitness journey.

Special Launch Pricing: Benefit from our New Year special launch pricing, available exclusively to the participants until Jan 18th. Seize this limited-time opportunity to join the Warrior 30 Challenge at a one-time-only price.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We stand behind the transformative power of our program with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you jump in and complete at least 70% of the program and don’t see a difference in your progress, then we will refund you your program price*. Join risk-free and start witnessing the change firsthand.

Are you prepared to redefine your health and fitness this year? Secure your spot in the Warrior 30 Challenge today, and embark on your journey towards a healthier, stronger you in 2024


The Full Value of
The Warrior 30 Challenge

The comprehensive Warrior 30 Challenge Program, including all modules of Functional Movement routines and workouts:

Valued at €297

Exclusive access to Nutritional Guidance and Support

from Dr. Bob Rakowski: Valued at €497

Mindset Coaching Modules €247

30 days of Accountability, community access and

coaching support: Valued €247

Total Value 1,288

While the total value of this comprehensive health transformation package is €1,288,

your investment for access to the

Warrior 30 Challenge, is only €67*.

*The price above doesn’t include the nutritional support protocol. These products are purchased separately. Once you are registered we will help you order whichever level protocol matches your goals 💪🏼



Ideal for reducing pain, building movement ability, balance, and exploring basic cardio.



Focused on enhancing total body strength and engaging in more intensive cardio.



For those ready for high-level movement, strength, conditioning, and intense HIIT sessions.

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