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No hype. Just consistent and positive action steps adding value to the world.

Do you know anyone obsessed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Do you know anyone who loves everything that is natural and healthy?

Do you know many people who use social media to share their passions or business expertise?

Then you might be a perfect partner to join us in this mission. 

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Join the movement


Starting a traditional business from scratch can be scary and take a lot of capital, time and knowledge. Not to mention the continuous overheads. Having experienced some of these challenges in the past, we decided to try something different. Something better. Something proven. A Digital Franchise, Network Marketing.

We absolutely loved the business concept of infusing what people need for better health inside of a delivery system that people want multiple times per day.

Warren Buffett has one business strategy that he applies to all his businesses: "What you do, make it your hobby. What the world does, make it your business". And let me tell you, the world loves coffee. What we have is just so much better.

We didn't have to come up with the concept, produce the products, ship the products or even stock them if we didn't want to. The only thing we do is share our experience with Reishi with our ever-expanding network.

So why did we choose to partner with Organo?

They are a global network marketing company and are in business for 13 years. Organo has sourced the purest quality organic Reishi and has two patents on the infusion process and its shell cracking technology.

This gives us a real competitive edge having a superior taste and greater potency than any of our competitors.

For us, our main focus is sharing reishi-infused products, but Organo has multiple business verticles for you to enjoy and leverage.

A Patented brain training technology
All Natural Skin Care
Discount travel and services




Our newest unique partnership is with the IBM Food Trust guaranteeing easy traceability, quality certifications of all our source materials as well as the opportunity for our customers to directly tip the farmers. So it's a win-win for our customers, our distribution partners and our supply partners.

What to learn more about the business side of our movement?

Our vision for our new partners is simple. Help them to authentically share this health movement alongside what they currently do, upgrading their health and lifestyle with Reishi.
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