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Reishi Success Stories

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Testimony from a person that had back pain due to an injury of 19 years
pregnant woman reishi testimony
Testimony about a variety of allergies and Reishi
A mother's testimony about how she used Reishi to treat her daughter's plantar wart
A testimony that shows how Reishi can also help people dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Digestive and Sleep issues.
Cancer patient and how Reishi spores helped him to have lesser side effects from chemo
Woman with Fibromyalgia and the benefit she felt from adding reishi into her life
6 years battling swollen feet and legs until adding Reishi in this woman daily habit
Testimony from a Stage 4 metastatic lung cancer patient with Reishi
28 years old lady and her testimony with Type 2 Diabetes and Reishi
A lady's testimonial about her Chrons Diasease, Hypertension and Fibromyalgia and the power of Reishi
A powerful and well documented testimony about Reishi and Diabetes
What makes our Reishi coffee special

DISCLAIMER: We cannot make medical claims, every individual is different and can present different results while using the same products. These testimonials are from our Private Facebook Group and these people shared with us their experiences. 

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