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OGX FENIX™ is our proprietary blend of whey protein along with essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and an exclusive Ganoderma mushroom to create a delicious meal replacement shake for weight control.

Substituting 2 daily meals of an energy-restricted diet per day with the OGX FENIX™ meal replacement shake contributes to weight loss. Substituting 1 daily meal of an energy-restricted diet per day with the OGX FENIX™ meal replacement shake contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss. This product is not designed to be your sole source of nutrition and should be used alongside at least one balanced meal each day. It is important to maintain an adequate daily fluid intake. Use as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

OGX FENIX™ Nutritional Shake


Key Ingredients

Whey Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Due to the high amount of protein it helps control appetite. Essential vitamins and minerals Ganoderma mushroom powder – taking the benefits of powerful Ganoderma beyond the cup

Ganoderma Spores
The Ganoderma mushroom is one of the oldest mushrooms to be used in Chinese herbalism, ranking close to ginseng for years of usage. It is one of the most researched mushrooms, partly because in Reishi there are substances called triterpenes. These are found in many foods and plants like honey, apples, and cranberries. There are 50 of these substances that are exclusively found in Reishi mushrooms. When the Reishi mature, they release spores which are used for our Premium Organo King of Coffee.

I love that besides the lovely, smooth, bold taste, this Reishi Black Coffee doesn't leave me with that bad coffee breath!

Francesca Figueira

Did you know?

I would add here some science behind low-quality whey protein.


FENIX offers a convenient, fast, nutritional meal that can help you save money, and maintain or lose weight. The shake mix contains less than 250kcal when mixed with semi-skimmed milk as directed, to provide you with a balanced meal. The shake features our own proprietary blend of protein, fibre, and nutritional support bringing the Treasures of the Earth to a great tasting shake.

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