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Black Coffee

Savor the instant allure of ORGANO™ Gourmet Black Coffee, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee meets the richness of organic Reishi. Indulge in the robust, smooth flavor that transcends the ordinary, making each sip a sensory journey.

Kick-start your day with a cup crafted for traditional coffee aficionados, delivering not just flavor but invigoration. Elevate your routine effortlessly, as this classic coffee seamlessly fits into your daily rhythm. For those seeking more than just a delightful coffee experience, discover its place in our Weight Loss & Maintenance Kits.

✓ A classic for coffee purists

✓ Ignite your mornings with bold, flavorful richness

✓ Features 100% USDA organic Reishi for a holistic touch

Black Coffee.png
Cup of coffee

Inside your cup you will find:

Organic Reishi


Meet the Ganoderma lucidum, aka Reishi mushroom, the secret ingredient that takes our coffee to the next level. Beyond its mild flavor enhancing the coffee richness, Reishi brings a powerhouse of benefits—packed with triterpenoids and amino acids. It's not just a mushroom; it's an 'adaptogen,' working harmoniously with your body.

With roots in traditional Asian culture for millennia, Reishi isn't just a trendy addition; it's a symbol of "spiritual potency" and the revered "King of Herbs" in Japanese. Imagine this daily ritual: sipping your favorite coffee, now infused with the goodness of Reishi, effortlessly elevating your well-being without disrupting the love for your coffee fix. Welcome to a healthier, flavorful routine!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Our Products Certifications

Make your perfect cup

of Reishi coffee

make coffee.png

Use this guideline as

a taste reference

Black, King and Royal Brew

2 - 3 oz water =  super strong like an espresso.

5  -6 oz water = mid strength

7 oz+ water = mild strength

Sweet Beverages

4-5 oz water = very sweet

6-7oz water = for most people is nicely balanced.

Green and Red Tea

You serve hot or cold. For the hot option you can leave the bags in hot water for 4-5 minutes. You can re-use the bags for a second cup too or make a large pot to maximise the nutrient content.

Espresso Capsules

Our espresso are compatible with all nespresso machine. These are our only machine brewed beverages and they come in 3 strengths.

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